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    Recently, I started to watch Once Upon a Time while I crochet. And Supernatural is also one of my favorite series to watch while I crochet 🙂

    • I watched the first two seasons of that show back when it was new (Once Upon a Time) but then stopped bc I forgot about it ha! Is it good?

      • I’m now watching S2, and yes it’s good 🙂 I really like it, like to guess which fairytale belongs to a character before they mention it. To test how much stories I still know from when I was little 😀

        • That’s exactly what I remember liking about it when I watched it! I loved seeing how the characters were portrayed in Storybrooke vs. in their real tales, like Red Riding Hood and the Hatter. But, I haven’t watched past S2. Maybe I will when I’m finished with LOST!

          • My BF has the entire collection of Lost. Think I will start that after I finished watching Super Natural (I’m watching S7), Once upon a time, a season of AHS xD So many series to watch… xD haha