What should be on the new home page?

Hey there!

I want to make a new home page for Club Crochet to include everything you would want to see when you first come to the site. New patterns/tutorials on the website, new groups, things like that. For reference, you can find the old home page right here (heads-up, it’s a little janky 😬). Before I go and start designing it, and building all the graphics and stuff for it, I wanted to get your opinion for what goes into the new home page.

So what do you think? What would you like to see when you first come to the site? What news or features would you like access to?

Here are some of the idea’s I’ve thought to add so far:

  • Newest pattern / tutorial section
  • Resume your last pattern
  • Randomized sections and themed patterns
    • This would probably include new sections like “Quick Hooks that you can make in just half an hour!”

Let me know in the comments below this post. Thanks for your help!

– Louie


    1. Louie Mensinger Post author

      I’ll include it in the design! There’s actually a search bar at the top of the menu that does this too just so you know 🙂

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  1. Bart

    Its not the hompage. but i dont have a creditcard but stil want to make an payed accaunt. So something like paypal would be nice

  2. Carol

    i can’t change my credit card info on this page anywhere.. i’d still like to continue.. where would i go for that?